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Contemporary Dance Couple

Artist Statement


Art is transcendent in its every form.

Movement was chosen by me as a primary language to reflect, unveil and transcribe the reality and the abstract meaning behind it. Poetry in motion – spoken by language of movements. Each pose is a temporary sculpture that changes as movements flow, gradually evolving and growing. 

Reflecting the reality, while taking the audience on an imaginative journey of their own. Through my work, I aim to bring viewers into the story, while letting them comprehend the virtue of the rest. An unspoken dialogue with the audience translated through the art I am going to share with you once the show begins.

Olga Aru - Artistic Director & Founder

Believes that artistry goes beyond physical performance and uses the movement itself, as an additional tool of story telling.

Deep, emotional choreography which 

resonates with the audiences on various levels.

Aru has a large background of professional performing in classical and ​contemporary

ballet productions, staging, choreography composition, audition directing and teaching in the field of dance. Her experience and vision defines her style as a choreographer and an artist.

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